Twydall Evangelical Church
Loving Jesus, Knowing Jesus, Living Jesus, Sharing Jesus

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible reveals God's thoughts, and that God sent his Son Jesus (or Yeshua) into the world to show us the way to Him.

Even though we like to do our own thing, God has expressed his love to us by coming down to us in human form. Jesus has made friendship with God possible by entering into our suffering and death (which he overcome by being raised back to life.)

It follows then that nothing we can do by our own effort will gain God's favour because everything is achieved through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; He took upon Himself every past, present and future action which could create a barrier between us and God. So we can receive his forgiveness. This free gift is a mystery which can revolutionise our human experience.

When Jesus left the earth, he sent his Holy Spirit to continue to draw people to himself, until he returns again. He loves and expresses himself through his people who hear his voice. This is the the power and compassion of God at work in the world.

God is love; He has existed eternally in a loving relationship within himself as trinity meaning three in one.

The Father
'God above us' as separate and distinct from his creation.
The Son
'God with us' pointing to the Father above us.
The Holy Spirit
'God in us and through us' pointing to Jesus as the way to the Father.

As a church we are inspired by the following principles:

  • Plural leadership: i.e. a leadership team.
  • Body ministry: everyone having a role to play within the Body of Christ in terms of spiritual and natural gifts.
  • The importance of Communion: regular family participation in the holy meal.
  • Celebration of cultural diversity and unity in Christ who is the Head of the whole Church.
  • A commitment to the Great Commandment to love God and each other.
  • A commitment to the Great Commission to spread the love of God to all nations.

TEC endorses Partnership's ethos, core values and mission and the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith.